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I am so glad you popped in to take a look. Here you will find out some more info about me and see some of the styles of photography I love to do.

I am a part time photographer in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Since the year 2014 I have been spending time taking photos of people I know, editing like I am a boss, and yes as you can imagine all the work done was everything BUT professional! It was so overdone and totally amateur. I never stopped practicing and researching. It is only since the year 2019 that things really started to look a lot better and I began to reach clients. 

Up to now I have experimented with school photos, families, portraits, lifestyle, maternity, babies, couples and a variety of different events. 

I do enjoy being outdoors being surrounded by nature and making use of natural light.

Photography for me is about serving you, making you feeI comfortable and capture moments that are a true reflection of you and your loved ones that you can treasure for generation to come. I love spending time with people and aim to give them a great time, a session that is filled with natural moments.